running on the beach
running on the beach


  • INCREASE Stamina
  • BURN Fats
  • TONE Body
  • BOOST Immune System

-Add a healthy measure of herbal infused coffee to your daily routine

-Treat yourself to healthier espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, regular coffee and more

Taste and fitness in a single cup. HealthBLEND combines organic arabica coffee and natural herbal ingredients. Such blend facilitates your daily fitness program while enjoying fine cafe' beverages including espresso, cappuccino/latte and regular coffee. 7 gram pod form maintains roast freshness for over a year. 18 individual servings/case. Filter paper in pods removes cafestol, the most potent cholesterol-elevating compound in human diet, according to researchers. Unfiltered methods (capsules, french press, loose-ground espresso coffe and others), on the other hand, allow the unhealthy chemical to be released into the beverage. Low density cholesterol, or bad cholesterol, can be raised as much as 10% after nine weeks, according to New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). 

health cafe healthblend HealthBLEND Single Cup Difference
healthblend organic HealthBLEND Coffee Ingredients and Benefits
HealthBLEND Ingredients vs. Benefits HealthBLEND Ingredients vs. Benefits
HealthBLEND Brewing Methods HealthBLEND Brewing Methods

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