running on the beach
running on the beach

HealthCAFE Classic Italian espresso coffee pod produces the special taste savored by frequenters of coffee bars all over Italy.  The extraction from the paper wrapped coffee disk not only renders the prized nectar.  But it is followed by a fine coffee notes that linger on the palate for hours. The lavish crema on top of the beverage is a confirmation of an espresso extraction perfectly brewed.


Individual packets containing pods not only block light, but are also nitrogen displaced to remove the spoilers of coffee freshness including moisture and oxygen. When you open up a packet up to a year later, you smell the fresh roasted aroma due to this special packaging process.


Extracting espresso coffee with a filtered pod is a great health value which is lacking in unfiltered coffee brewing like stove-top boiled coffee, french press, espresso capsules and conventional espresso brewing methods.  It has been shown by research that filter paper does not affect serum lipid levels in contrast to boiled coffee which does raise serum cholesterol levels in just nine weeks. The study was published in N Engl J Med 1989;321;1432-7

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