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running on the beach
Mini Vapore Espresso/Cappuccino Pod System Mini Vapore Espresso/Cappuccino Pod System

For the last twenty years, we have seen the emergence and evolution of pod machines.  During this period, you often had to sacrifice performance for lower cost of home units.  But now the answer to performance, ease-of-use, affordability and style is now among us. 

INTRODUCING THE RDL miniVAPORE DUO pod system seen here in stealth black and bright white colors.  DUO makes all the difference in simultaneously fast production of espresso and steamed milk.  The enjoyment experience at home can now rival that of the corner café’.  Fine cremoso espresso, rich schiumato cappuccino, lusciously smooth macchiato are central to miniVapore Duo’s character.

DUO stands for two separate on-demand heating blocks and two separate vibrating pumps.  This duality shortens time of production. Café’ quality beverages are ready in an instant for you personally, or for several guests.

Notice a clever new hidden pod locking and unlocking lever.  It positioned to give easy one-hand locking-retracting leverage.  This is unobtrusive Italian design complementing the duality of machine performance.

Now observe the amazingly prolific DUO performance in this video demonstration and contact us for any questions at the end of it.

Our selection of cafe' machines are based on the highest value to our customers.  The main considerations are features that are compact, user-friendly and affordable, in each price class.  Our preferred brewing technology is the ESE pod system.  This design standard allows greater choice of widely available 7 gram pods on the market.  

An important factor in brewing coffee is whether the extraction is done under high pressure as with the pod versus low pressure method used via k-cup version.  The difference is a rich coffee oil preparation from the greater force of the pump(s).  With weaker pump, the process merely washes the coffee grinds and lacks the golden crema found in pod systems.


HealthCAFE machine customers get free technical support and free repairs afer warranty period as long as you buy coffee pods exclusively from us. As new designs of machines come along, we extend trade-in value towards a new model.

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