running on the beach
running on the beach

                              HealthBlend Coffee, An Amazing Beverage


Compared to your present specialty coffee, if you could enjoy a richer coffee taste, smell greater aroma and strengthnen your health, at the same time, would you at least try this alternative?  You may say: How is it possible to achieve these three personal benefits versus what you drink now?  If you permit me, I will reflect on my experience.


I have had two main presonal goals in life.  One objective is to discover better coffees to drink.  The other aim is to stay fit while avoiding medication.  

One way to engage in coffee on-going exploration, seriously, was to start my own single-cup coffee sales business.  For the last sixteen years, I have dealt with a multitude of world, national and local sources of fresh roast preparations in pod form.  Whenever, a new and more appealing blend was approved by my palate, I would in turn offer it to my customers.  Historically, this assesment method worked because subscribers agreed with my new recommendations.

I never dreamed that great coffee could also be a vehicle for my health.  My first exposure to what is appropriately called fitness coffee was an idea that comes from Italy. The foreign Fitness Coffee pod contains coffee ground, of course, blended with tea, a source of anti-oxidants, and an assortment of herbs and spices. On one hand, I was inspired by how it helped me loose weight, feel stronger and reduce joint pain in a short period.  But, on the other hand, the difficulty in brewing the blend was obvious and disappointing.  

It turns out that when tea is mixed with coffee several setbacks are observed. For one, water flow is restricted in the brew filter and little liquid is dispensed from the brewer, even under high pressure. Second, little-to-none crema is rendered in espresso extractions and the taste of tea, noticably, subdues the character of coffee.

I became hooked on the concept of improving personal health while pleasantly sipping java.  But the Italian preparation was not practical to apply in a daily routine of true and fast coffee processing. 

My background as development chemist (I worked for Avon Pruducts, Inc) suggested that I had the potential to develop my own fitness coffee formula, one that met all the criteria necessary for me and, perhaps, for the US market as well.  After a year of trial-and-error, refinement and tests, I came up with the present HealthBLEND coffee which I believe surpasses the Italian mixture with true coffee taste, abundant crema, higher aroma and and more health benefits.  


For nearly a year, my wife, Josephine, and I have been relentlessly drinking HealthBLEND espresso, cappuccino and regular coffee 2-3 time per day, each.  My increase in metabolism helps me stay close to high school weight of 170 pounds at age 65.  I no longer have back pain, stiff necks and joint pain which freedom allows me to still do up to 20 hand-stand push-ups nearly every morning.  Josephine, who periodically suffers from rhumatoid arthritis, has freed herself from the steroid medication necessary to reduce her pain, after an initial regimen of HealthBLEND beverages. This is an amazing coffee for you to try.

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