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Throughout its eighteen years history, HealthCAFE has sold to and serviced for commercial accounts and personal users pod brewing systems and fine espresso blends in pod form.  A peculiar ritual was witness regularly by HealthCAFE founder, Frank Fracasso, whenever he shared socially an espresso coffee with a customer.  It was an unconscious reflex for the drinker to reach for the Sambuca bottle and pour a shot of the classic liqueur into the coffee prior to ingesting it.


Frank engages in fitness training daily as well as he delights in coffee intake.  Like Frank, with age, many of us experience lower metabolism, struggle with weight loss problems, contend with joint-pain and see decline in sexual potency among other health concerns.  For personal reasons, the specialty coffee entrepreneur searched far and wide for a remedy to restore youth and vigor.   What he discovered was that coffee is indeed a vehicle to better personal fitness if you infuse it with herbal elements.  Using his training as development chemist, he crafted  HealthBLEND coffee over two years ago. His formula achieves great coffee satisfaction and fitness benefits while evoking the cherished hint of "sambuca."


Some personal stories can be  shared with potential buyers of HealthBLEND.  One comes from the developer himself.  After taking HealthBLEND  coffee three time a day, in the first two weeks, Frank saw a drop in hard-to-lose fat around his stomach and actual weight loss of seven pounds.  Several days later, the joint-pain on his shoulders disappeared.  This allowed him to regain the excercise intensity he applied in his high school years.


Another success story comes from Frank's spouse, Josephine.  She was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Initially, she got pain relief with a steroidal drug called prednisone.  But the side affects of facial and limbs swelling were not comforting to her.  After about two months of taking HealthBLEND and cutting back doses of the drug, she became free of prednizone and free of RA pain since two years ago.


You can tell your stories on how HealthBLEND regimen has helped you become more fit.  Send us an email and we will post your experience as well.


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Frank Fracasso

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Josephine Fracasso


Phone: +1 973-383-9833

111 Hibler Rd
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Phone: +1 973 3839833

Extended business hours

To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open later.


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